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How does it work?

The first step

You book your appointment for a first consultation through the online platform or on the indicated phone number, provoked by your need (curiosity, interest). The therapy session lasts 60 minutes and during this time we will be able to talk about your needs, expectations, intentions. This meeting is exploratory for both parties and in it you can assess whether the approach and the therapist (i.e. me) meet your needs, as well as the ability of the therapist (again, me) to be helpful to you.

Moving on

We have already arranged a second meeting. Together we share a safe space where we are on equal footing and create the conditions for meaningful communication and the building and strengthening of your awareness. The idea of the meeting is to maintain a safe and secure space where you can connect with your needs in complete confidentiality, to be heard, seen and reflected upon by your therapist (in this case, me) . Establishing the regularity of meetings (normally this is once a week but may vary depending on need).


Establishing a focus in therapy. Distinguish own needs. Moving through themes and questions like : Who am I? How is it for me to be the way I am? What do I need? Where are my resources? How does my body feel?


Completion of therapy. There can be many reasons for ending a particular therapy. What we try to build in the process of work is listening and following our own needs. Psychotherapy is a process rather than the achievement of a specific goal. Process is the richness shared in collaborative encounters. Psychotherapy is a purely human exchange created in the contact between two people. Therapy ends when the specific need is no longer behind it.

Let’s talk

Everyone needs support. Let’s talk and find your direction together