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Гещалт консултант Ина Тонева. Психотерапия София. Психотерапевт София

Meaning and direction to realize your potential

Individual therapy

Individual therapy

Individual therapy and counseling provide a safe space for exchange and support tailored to your specific needs here and now.

Online consulting

Online consulting

Online counseling is an opportunity to access therapy when you are only able to be present in a virtual space.

Trainings and groups

Trainings and groups

Here you can find information about upcoming seminars/trainings , related to topics that touch our daily lives frequently and significantly.

What is Gestalt?

Gestalt therapy is about connectedness, sharing, acceptance, fullness in contact and a richness of variety and forms.

How does it work?

Process is the richness shared in collaborative encounters. Psychotherapy is a purely human exchange created in the contact between two people.

Who is it suitable for?

Gestalt therapy has no face, no age and no gender, it is aimed at anyone who needs a shared space to be authentic and themselves and to be accepted as they are.

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Let’s talk

Everyone needs support. Let’s talk and find your direction together