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What is Gestalt?

Gestalt therapy emerged in the early 20th century in very dynamic human times between two wars and a rethinking of the whole concept of the existing world, psychology, psychotherapy and the role of man in them.

Gestalt translated from German is “configuration” or “form” in the context of connecting individual components into a whole. The Gestalt concept looks at us, humans, in our wholeness and uniqueness without judgment and putting our essence into an “acceptable frame”.

Gestalt therapy focuses on bringing our aspects together into a “healthy” and indivisible whole. The basic principle in therapy is the contact between client and therapist, through which the actual therapy is carried out, or the tracing of patterns in this contact that recur as patterns in people’s “living” lives.

Gestalt therapy is about connectedness, sharing, acceptance, fullness in contact and a richness of variety and forms. The body and the psyche work as inseparable parts, as the tide is the different manifestation of the whole – the sea.

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