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Me and you

Me and you. My back is against the wall. I feel the cold, the hard surface and the fear. There’s nowhere else to go, nowhere else to escape. The adrenaline kicks in and prepares my body for battle. “Fight or… Read More »Me and you

How to be in this world?

Lately, I’ve been impressed with how every bookstore shelf and every article headline is a one-size-fits-all survival guide to the modern world. How to be better, better, thinner, healthier, more harmonious, richer or more successful. How to build eating habits,… Read More »How to be in this world?


Sometimes I’ll come in your dream as an unexpected and unsolicited guest. Don’t leave me on the road outside – do not bolt the doors. I will enter quietly. I will sit down quietly, I will look into the darkness… Read More »Farewell